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Living the Life
Rick Nugara Room across from Food Bank

Christianity is a lifestyle! It is an all-encompassing way of life where each individual that receives the Gospel by faith begins a metamorphosis through the power of God’s Spirit and His Word. We exchange our weakness, failure and misery for His strength, His purpose, His righteousness, peace, and joy. In receiving the Gospel, a download of God’s person, nature and ability has begun. The foundation for all of this is His Word. Reading and studying the Word of God not only draws us closer to God but begins to enhance your full potential that God has woven within your spiritual DNA. As this process continues your true personality, designed by your Heavenly Father, without the fleshly imperfections, begins to emerge as well as new skills and abilities. We will examine this process, what God has provided both practical teaching and insight into maximizing your effectiveness. It is the purpose of this class to assist each of you in reaching your full potential and receiving the maximum benefits that God intended for each of us from the before the foundation of the World.

September 4th – October 16th 2019

10:30 AM Classes/Groups

Monroeville Assembly of God

The next term of classes will run from
Oct. 23 – Dec. 18, 2019


Monroeville Assembly of God
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