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Join us Wednesday Night!

God Has So Much More
Fellowship Hall – Pastor Paul & Bill Zalfini

Call them what you want, but God gives special talents, abilities, anointing, or giftings to his people that allow them to go way beyond themselves. To Sampson, He gave strength, Solomon – wisdom, John – revelation, Noah – boat building skills, Moses – leadership, Gideon – courage (and he wasn’t even a Lion from a place called Oz). He does this for His glory and our development. Bill Zalfini and I will be focusing in on this phenomenon. Bill, himself, was given the gift of teaching and he was scared to death of being in front of people! This fear came from years of abuse at the hands of his father. However, Bill was able to overcome this obstacle when God showed him that He had so much more stored up for him in life. What talent, ability, anointing or gifting have you yet to discover? It is our hope that God will reveal that to you in this seven-week course. I heard one pastor say it best| when describing all of the things he was called to do at the different churches he ministered at. He said it best with this statement, “Everywhere I went, I had no idea how to do what God wanted me to do at that place, He had to equip me.”

What is Truth?
Overflow #3 – Joe Ferguson

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “what is truth?”| 2,000 years later, societies still grapple with the question. The most common belief is “your truth is your truth, mine is mine.” Is truth subjective? Does it depend on circumstances? What does the Bible say about truth? Are Biblical truths and the qualities of being “open-minded” “logical” “scientific” at odds with each other? Come to “What Is Truth” to discover how Biblical truth is unchanging and relevant to modern culture, and how we can effectively represent biblical truth to our world.

Persecuted Christians
Persecuted Christians Room – Deb Becker & Jeff Howard

“Jesus never intended for us to suffer alone. We may not be able to cross oceans or deserts and sit in lonely cells with colleagues, but we can traverse that distance spiritually and bear the burdens of our brothers in prayer. Knowing that they do not agonize alone empowers followers of Jesus under duress to bear unimaginable suffering. “Collaborative suffering is bearable suffering.” Dick Brogden.

Come join us as we learn about our persecuted brothers and sisters and through our prayers to the “God of all comfort” help them to endure.

The Jesus I Never Knew Overflow #2
Jim Harry

How well do you know Jesus? The Apostle Paul said, “I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord (Phil 3:8).” In this class, we will be getting to know Jesus – the real Jesus – as we go through the book by Phillip Yancey, “The Jesus Never Knew.” Lewis B. Smedes, professor of theology and ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary said, “This is the best book about Jesus that I have ever read, probably the best book about Jesus in the whole century.”

Let’s Write Our His-Story
Family Room – Mary Mohan

What a great gift idea to leave a written legacy of Jesus Christ in our lives as a gift for our family members.
Most of our testimonies are hidden in our hearts. We share them occasionally. They are precious but they can fade with time and details can get jumbled. What special memories and miracles we have seen through faith and prayer.
Scripture instructed our Forefathers to write it down for their children’s children. Exod. 17:14 The Lord said to Moses, “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and make sure Joshua hears
What will the memories of your life journey look like? Will your family be able to cling to your stories of God and answered prayers? Do they know your testimony?

This isn’t a “how to” class but a time to encourage each other to write. We will have topics to write about each week and | will provide journals to write in. If you prefer, you can bring your laptop/tablets. We will print our stories when we are finished.

Join us as we write our His-Story

September 4th – October 16th 2019

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