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Welcome to INCLINE Student Ministries!

Incline Student Ministries is a community of teenagers that wants more than what the world has to offer. We are so excited for what God is going to do through the young people of God here at Monroeville.

Under the leadership of Pastor Donnie, Kylie Immel and the sickest youth leaders under the sun, this group has a place for you!

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EVENTS: Throughout the year, we offer a range of special events, fun activities and opportunities to grow together.

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Monroeville Assembly of God
4561 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146


Phone: 1.412.856.7900

Youth Pastor: Donnie Immel

Administrative Assistant: Kristy Baish



What does an Incline Leader do?
1. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – with students through which they can be discipled.
2. PROVIDE SUPERVISION – to students at any gathering. Enforcing Rules, Correcting Behavior, and Creating Safety.
3. GIVE SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE – to students in any situation making PAnth aware of situations when necessary.

 To learn more, please download the Leadership application.



At Incline Student Ministries we believe that ministry, teaching others how to love and serve God faithfully, happens best through healthy relationships that are built through healthy communication. We work hard to screen and approve the very best youth leaders, with a passion, perspective, and character; compatible to our beliefs and mission. This is the communication policy we follow.

We endorse modern communication methods in our changing world such as email, text messaging, Facebook messaging, Tweeting, etc.
We endorse male to male and female to female communications in our discipleship model, with the exceptions of ministry team leaders to their teams (missions teams, worship team, etc.), and pastoral counseling.
In instances of physical abuse, sexual misconduct, self-harm, or suicidal threats, volunteers will immediately report to the youth pastor, who will report to parents, authorities, or both as needed.
Appropriate communication etiquette is expected from students as well as leaders. Any bullying or immodest texts, pictures or requests should be reported quickly and not engaged.
We endorse James 3 as it applies not only to “Taming the Tongue,” but also “Taming the Tweet.” Before posting on social media, we encourage the use of the 4-Way Test. i. Is it the truth? ii. Is it fair to all concerned? iii. Will it build goodwill and better relationships. iv. Is it beneficial to all concerned?