*Due to a power outage at MAOG, VBS Day Camp will be held at The Fold on Thursday and Friday night from 6pm-9pm*

Our Vision and Core Values

Our Vision

To supernaturally REVIVE the church, RESTORE the family, RESCUE the lost, and REACH the heart of God.

Revive the Church

The Church needs to once again exercise the supernatural power and authority given by God. Not reflecting our culture, but setting our culture.

Restore the Family

God's Design for the family has been corrupted. Jesus is the hope for families. Within our reach, roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce before they reach 10 years. 42% of children in Pittsburgh are in single mother households.

Rescue the Lost

We will evangelize those in our neighborhood and around the world. 29% of people in our area regularly attend religious services. Roughly 1% identify as Pentecostal. We are to make disciples.

Reach the Heart of God

We will worship passionately. Not only in our services, but in our lifestyles.

We Dream of a Church...


We dream of a church where people are valued and invited to participatein the life of the church.


We dream of a church where we equip and inspire deep growth.


We dream of a church where people have the opportunity to discover and use their unique gifts.


We dream of a church where we engage our community
and our world in the gospel.


We dream of a church where ourcorporate worship is a reflection of our
spirit-filled lifestyle.

Core Values


We will conduct all activities with honesty and integrity, always striving to do what is right according to biblical principles.


We honor all generations, seeing value and purpose in all stages of life.


Anointed corporate worship is essential because it is a reflection of our spirit-filled lifestyle.


To teach and to stand on biblical truth and inspire growth and faith in the whole world of God.


To do all things with a standard of quality that is honoring to Christ. Approach all aspects of ministry in a way that reflects the worthiness of God.


Serve and engage our community and our world with the Gospel.


Fostering reliance on the Holy-Spirit, encouraging continual in-filling of the Spirit. and moving in the Gifts of the Spirit; Unapologetically Pentecostal.

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